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Friends of Conservation
101 St Martin's Lane
London, WC2N 4AZ
Tel: 020 3667 7017

What do we do?

FOC manages our own conservation and community programmes in Kenya and supports partners working to protect endangered species and habitats in other parts of the continent, including Namibia and South Africa. We also support like-minded partners working in other regions. Example projects include tiger conservation in India, leopard conservation in Sri Lanka and rainforest flora and fauna protection in Costa Rica and Peru.

Activities include:  
  • Wildlife monitoring, protection and applied scientific research. Habitat protection.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism. 
  • Environmental programmes that provide education and bring benefits to local communities in developing countries.
  • Raising awareness of diseases such as malaria and TB and advising on prevention/ treatment.
  • Carbon reduction projects, solar and alternative fuels and reforestation. 
  • Sustainable resource management.
  • Anti-poaching campaigns and human/wildlife conflict management. 
  • Providing veterinary supplies and equipment. 
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